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The best way to ensure that you have a perfect beach vacation is to start planning early. There’s nothing worse than having to stress over decisions and planning during you’re vacation while you’re supposed to be relaxing. This is especially true if you’ve never been to Surfside Beach before. Here are the different steps you should take when getting started planning your vacation:

Find Somewhere to Stay.

The most important part of any vacation is having a great place to stay. First decide if you’d rather rent a beach house or if...

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Each year millions of Americans flock to the beach for their annual vacation. Although it may be winter in various parts of the country many people are currently day dreaming of their sunny getaway. While the world continues to evolve the beach remains a timeless escape. At the beach one’s troubles slip away with the tide and one’s thoughts focus on what matters most: sun, surf, and sandcastles. Here are a few helpful tips to make your sandcastle the envy of the beach.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sand
  • Water
  • Shovels of Varying Sizes
  • Plastic...
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Lunch is arguably the best meal in Surfside Beach. You've got the sun on your face and the buzz of families across the beach and sidewalks. There are tons of choices, but here are some of our favorites for food, beverages and views. Take a seat at any of these establishments and you'll enjoy your meal.

  • River City Cafe - You simply can't beat the beach views on the porch of River City. It's near the pier, so you have plenty of people watching, and you get the bonus of delicious food. Our recommendation? The Black &...

If you're going to be in town more than once this year (or if you're thinking about moving to our beautiful corner of the world), you're going to want to check out Wild Water and Wheels. This family fun center is packed with things to do every day in the summertime and is family-friendly.

Right now, you can get a season pass to the park for just $99.90 when you purchase online. That's unlimited bumper boats, go karts, mini golf and waterpark admission ALL SEASON LONG for under $100. It's a pretty amazing deal, especially considering there are over 7 towering slides, including the...


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